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In the tournament section you can find beach volleyball tournaments which are held in Alicante and Valencia, and soon in more places in Spain.

Among them we can distinguish between: "Amateur" and "Pro". "Amateur tournaments" are for players who have started playing beach volleyball recently or for beach volleyball players who don't have much experience in competing. "Pro tournaments" are for players with a lot of experience in tournaments or for those who want to face the best beach volleyball teams.

In each of these beach volleyball levels there are three categories "Gold", "Silver" and "Bronce", where the "Gold" level is the highest.

After having played a tournament you will get โ€œBeachLiga Pointsโ€. The more BeachLiga Points you accumulate the better your starting position will be in the next beach volleyball tournament in which you participate. What are you waiting for? Sign up for the next beach volleyball tournament right now:

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Do you want to improve your beach volleyball technique or have you never played beach volleyball and want to learn from scratch? Then "BeachLiga Classes" is the perfect for you!

In BeachaLiga you can find beach volleyball classes and tournaments in the categories male, female and mixed.

In these classes you can find beach volley training of all kind of levels (from beginner to advanced classes). If you've never had a beach volleyball in your hand, the "Initiation" classes are perfect for you. If you have already experience in playing beach volleyball, you can choose between the following classes: Initiation Plus, Intermediate, Intermediate Plus, Advanced and Advanced Plus. This way each player can attend the most appropriate class that applies to their beach volley skills.

It doesn't matter if you're choosing the wrong level for you since your coach can change you to the group thats suits to your level.

Currently Beach Volleyball classes are offered in Valencia, Spain. Classes fill up quickly, so you must sign up quickly once the registration period for classes opens:

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BeachLiga wants to offer Beach Volley a professional platform so that players can easily sign up for beach volleyball tournaments and classes. In addition to that BeachLiga wants to make it easy for clubs and organisers to create and offer beach volleyball events in a few easy steps.

All published sport events are very easy to find and beach volleyball players can sign up for tournaments and classes in a just couple of clicks.

BeachLiga wants to be helpful to all beach volleyball lovers. With BeachLiga your club can professionally create sport classes and tournaments and offer them to the "BeachLiga Community".

BeachLiga was born in Valencia and is developing very quickly in the rest of Spain thanks to the increased participation of beach volleyball players and clubs that collaborate by offering sports classes and tournaments.

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